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Table 1:
The Crucial Temporal Relations of the Case

Chapter 1. The Importance of the Swedish Legal System for International Science

Chapter 2. The Background of All Recovered Memory Cases

Chapter 3. A General Survey of the Scandinavian Case

Chapter 4. The Procedure of Computer-Search for Keywords

Chapter 5. Search for Meaning Categories

Chapter 6. The First Cardinal Result: The Judges False Recollections

Chapter 7. The Second Cardinal Result: Eyewitnesses of the Sexual Assaults

Chapter 8. Elvira Retracts her Allegations When She is Contradicted by the Police

Chapter 9. Ritual Child Murders

Chapter 10. The Third Cardinal Result: Precognition by Elvira's Foster Mother

Chapter 11. The Fourth Cardinal Result: Elvira's Long-Lasting Absence of Memories of Sexual Abuse

Chapter 12. The Bedside Assault

Chapter 13. Elvira's Procurement Activity

Chapter 14. The Consolation Assault

Chapter 15. The Mother Had Also Abused Elvira

Chapter 16. Elvira and Ingrid Were Hired Out as Prostitutes at Sex Clubs

Chapter 17. Elvira Promises Future Memories Concerning What She Does Not Recall Today

Chapter 18. Eighth Theme: Cliché Theories

Chapter 19. Inconsistencies in the Information Supplied by the Incest Therapist

Chapter 20. Observed Genital Injuries?

Chapter 21. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: the Recency of Its Association With Sexual Abuse

Chapter 22. Elvira and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Chapter 23. Differential Richness of Detail in Elvira's Sexual and Ritual Narratives

Chapter 24. Elvira and the Snow White Syndrome

Chapter 25. Aiming at a Conviction at All Costs

Chapter 26. The Secret Co-Operation Groups in Sweden

Chapter 27. The Alibi Case

Chapter 28. The Semi-Psychotic Girl with Diabetes

Chapter 29. The Fortune Teller Case

Chapter 30. The Morphological Case

Chapter 31. The Blackmailing Case

Chapter 32. The Loftus Case

Chapter 33. The Case of the Lost Spermatozoa

Chapter 34. The Underground Case

Chapter 35. The Virus Case

Chapter 36. Reading a Text Correctly As It Stands

Chapter 37. Juxtaposition and Comparison of Temporal Relation

Chapter 38. The Sudden Emergence of New Categories of Evidence

Chapter 39. Additional Varieties of Temporal Relations

Chapter 40. Temporal Relations and Other Patterns in the Case of the Girl with the Phenomenal Memory

Chapter 41. Some Surprising Comments Made by the Former President of the Supreme Court

Chapter 42. Contradictions and Inconsistencies in the Case of Elvira

Chapter 43. Contradictions and Inconsistencies in Other Cases

Chapter 44. A Contrary Book about the Elvira Case

Chapter 45. Allmo's/Mollbeck's Pretended Non-Influence and Its Historical Roots

Chapter 46. The Victim Will Become an Offender

Chapter 47. Personal Relations, Expert Opinion, and Evidence Evaluation

Chapter 48. The Power of Textual Analysis

Chapter 49. Elvira's and Allmo's/Mollbeck's Attitudes to Publicity

Chapter 50. Some Common Views

Chapter 51. Implications For the General Structure of the Legal System

Chapter 52. The Fundamental Concept of Sham Evidence

Chapter 53. T
he Need for a Public Defence Institute

Appendix: Some Interesting Features of Two Other Scandinavian Count



Epilouge. Epilouge


Tables and Figures:

Table 1:
The Crucial Temporal Relations of the Case

Table 2:
Number of Words in Police Interrogations Concerned with Sexual Abuse and Ritual Murder, Respectively

Table 3:
Mollbeck's account of the consolation assault on 1992-05-05

Figure 1:
A Photo of a Virus Infection on the Breast of a One-Year-Old Girl

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